About Sheila E. Dancz PhD

If you are in the Madison area and looking for an experienced psychologist then look no further. With a PhD in counseling psychology from Seton Hall University and Masters of Social Work from Hunter College, Dr. Dancz has never let her schooling interfere with her education. The human mind and its complexity bring about new challenges every day, even for the most seasoned professional. That is why Sheila is constantly taking strides to find the most effective ways to aid her Madison patients in leading a fulfilling and meaningful life. Her dedication to positive psychology has led her to seek the training and knowledge of such experts as Ben Dean of Mentor Coaching and Melissa Tiers of Integrative Life Coaching.

Dr. Dancz is knowledgeable in a wide range of techniques but one method she finds to be very effective is the Gestalt theory of Psychotherapy. The theory places its main focus on individuals understanding their experiences in the present moment. Designed to facilitate the therapist-client relationship, a patient is guided to view their personal environment and interpersonal relations from a more objective light. The overall goal of the approach is to help a patient move away from interpretations of their life and personal situation and move towards the possibility of self-discovery.

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Sheila Dancz


Phone: (973) 993-9018

I am a Morristown counseling psychologist with years of experience dealing with issues pertaining to marriage and family therapy.