Morristown Family Counseling

The psychology practice of Sheila E. Dancz PhD provides marriage and family counseling therapy that promotes respect, empathy, open-mindedness and assurance of complete confidentiality. Regardless of the particular issues confronting your marriage or family in the Morristown area, Sheila E. Dancz PhD counseling services offers effective and pragmatic solutions to the numerous challenges facing the contemporary family unit.

Couples/Premarital/Marital counseling

The ideal time to explore core issues is prior to marriage. Couples will be guided toward identification of the underlying concerns toward the establishment of healthy boundaries and limits. Fundamental problems are addressed through mediation, trust and intimacy building. A family/couples counselor can help you make realistic changes toward a fulfilling life.

Family Therapy

In order to achieve a cohesive union each individual should be recognized for their unique contribution to the family unit as a whole, and their special responsibility for achieving its success. Guidance toward recognition of each other’s strengths while understanding each other’s weaknesses can open the lines of communication between family members to produce effective and enduring change.

Child and Adolescent counseling

With far-reaching shifts occurring within the modern cultural and social landscape, pressures for parents and children are enormous. Childhood and adolescence are frequently rife with turbulence and confusion. Specialized training in inter-related areas of behavioral and cognitive psychology has allowed Sheila E. Dancz to guide the children and parents of Morristown through the myriad of issues that confront them, including, depression, bullying, self-esteem, and self-identity issues.

Additional services Dr. Dancz provides the people of Morristown, Chatham and Madison include:

  • Infidelity Counseling
  • Effective Step parenting