Morristown Women's counseling

Women encounter particular challenges within a contemporary society that has rapidly evolved in the last few generations. Some of these include struggles with autonomy, security and the preservation of personal dignity when confronted with prevailing patriarchal perspectives. Abuse, whether verbal or physical, perpetrated in the workplace or home, is punishable by law. Sheila E. Dancz is committed to overcoming these and other problems uniquely faced by women today. Verbal assaults, insults, sexual harassment, and other forms of exploitation and objectification are addressed with professional guidance geared to effectively empower women through private consultation, support groups, workshops, safety planning, and service referrals. Psychological counseling services are provided in a non-judgmental and compassionate environment personalized to each individual seeking treatment in the Morristown area.

Assertiveness and Self-Esteem

Motivational and self-esteem training is exceptionally helpful to women particularly. Practical tools for becoming ‘proactive’ as opposed to ‘reactive’ are offered by Sheila as part of a comprehensive assertiveness counseling service.

Co-dependent Relationships

A co-dependent relationship is characterized as an obsessive, self-sacrificing, or narcissistic attachment that hinders a woman’s well-being and routine functioning. In the Morristown region, Sheila offers professional guidance in regaining self-confidence and independence for women seeking to either terminate a relationship safely, or recover self- esteem if they choose to remain in one.

Sexual Abuse Treatment

If you have been a victim of sexual abuse and need help moving on and dealing with your feelings of betrayal and violation, then Sheila can help you confronting the trauma.

Sexual Orientation

Sexual identity issues can prove to be especially challenging to women. Complete self-acceptance of our sexual orientation in the face of disapproving families or associates can foster damaging shame-based and limiting beliefs that impede the full expression of our potential as human beings. If you are transgendered, gay or bi-sexual, or feel the need to explore these issues, Sheila offers compassionate and completely confidential counseling services to guide you toward personal resolution of these highly intricate concerns.

For consultation in the Morristown area, call: (973) 993-9018